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Empire State After School Program Soars to New Heights at NFA West
The Empire State After School Program allows scholars across the district to soar to new heights through the drone program! Take a look at scholars from NFA West learning how to land their drones.

2019-02-07 20:57:46
Students Earn Hours and Develop Skills for Job Training Corp. Program
Scholars from the Career Ladders/Job Training Corp. program in Ms. Nancy Brown's alternately assessed class work to complete their field work.

2019-02-07 20:38:50
NFA Main Scholars Visit Marist College for New Program Orientation
Scholars from Newburgh Free Academy Main’s campus who are part of the inaugural class of the NECSD Marist ECHS participated in an on-campus orientation recently. Learn more about their visit and the program.

2019-02-07 13:07:05
It's Cold & Flu Season. Know When to Stay Home and When to Return!
It's Cold & Flu Season. Take a few minutes to learn for signs of when your child should stay home during an illness and/or return to school after an illness.

2019-02-06 20:06:33
Letter from the Superintendent Concerning Recent Media Coverage
I am writing to you to shed light on some questions you may have regarding recent media coverage of our schools. At our last Board of Education Meeting, a presentation about our English Language Arts (ELA), Math, and Science scores was given..

2019-02-06 16:52:07
Goldbacks in the News! Tyler Serafini Breaks School Record, Prepares for Division Tournament
Tyler Serafini recently passed Taylor Laraia, class of 2010, with his school-record 186th win in his first match at the Newburgh Duals and will compete for NFA in the Section 9 Division I tournament this weekend!

2019-02-06 14:14:35
Superintendent's Celebration of the Arts - February 21, 2019 - 5PM until 7PM - Register Now
The annual Superintendent's Celebration of the Arts will be held at NFA Main Campus and will focus on Instrumental Music.

2019-02-05 19:01:43
Goldbacks in the News! NFA JV Boys Basketball Team Plays with Heart
Take a moment to read the full article!

2019-02-05 17:11:50
NFA Girls Track Team Sets School Record!
The NFA Girls Varsity Track 4x800m relay team was invited to the Dr. Sanders Columbia Challenge track meet. The prestigious meet hosts college teams with only two high school events.

2019-02-04 17:40:28
Blood Drive at NFA Main Campus - February 7th 8:00AM to 1:00PM
NFA Main will host their third blood drive of the year this Thursday, February 7th from 8am - 1pm in the Girls Gym. Community members, faculty and staff, and students are welcomed to donate.

2019-02-04 15:32:55
Meadow Hill School in Contest to Win Outdoor Fitness Equipment
Meadow Hill School is participating in a contest for a Project Fit America grant! People ages 13 and older can vote every day from each email account. Last year Meadow Hill was in this contest and placed 8th out of 77 schools.

2019-02-01 15:35:08
Attention All District Families: Take the Annual K12 Insight Survey
We’re committed to working with you to prepare our students to be tomorrow’s leaders. Only by listening to our community can we ensure our schools are setting up all our students for excellence.

2019-01-24 14:56:27
NFA Boy's Track Team Continues to Succeed!
Matthew Haynes won the sophomore boys 1000m run (2:40.19) new school sophomore record this weekend. Newburgh's 4X400m relays finished in 1st and 2nd place at the New Balance Invitational held at the New York Armory.

2019-01-23 13:58:43
Two More Graduates of NFA P-TECH Receive Job Offers from IBM
Danis Jhammat and Vincent Lacertosa, graduates of the inaugural class of NFA P-TECH will join two fellow graduates with a job at IBM this January.

2019-01-22 15:42:19
Two NFA P-TECH Educators Present at National Conference of Teachers of English (NCTE)
Two Newburgh Free Academy P-TECH educators, Christine McCartney and Jacqueline Hesse, are working to help teachers facilitate civic discussions around real-world issues, with a specific focus on topics such as race, immigration and LGBTQ equity.

2019-01-18 19:56:04
January 2019 Regents Schedule
The January Regents begin on the 22nd. The full schedule is available here.

2019-01-18 14:48:48
Learn More About Meadow Hill's Family Latino Literacy Program
Meadow Hill GEM School has over 17 families who come to learn English as a second language, learn strategies to help their child become readers and writers, and also learn about helpful services within our school district and community each Friday.

2019-01-16 21:00:59
NFA North Scholar Receives Plaque for Third Place Finish in Research Competition
Sophomore Diana Ramos presented her poster board to judges in the Animal Science Category. Diana hopes to observe behavior of shelter dogs as they interact with human visitors to help with dog adoption rates.

2019-01-15 18:37:11
Two NFA P-TECH Teachers Featured in Education Week's Guest Blog: Developing Student Mindsets Through Service Learning
Mrs. Christine McCartney, English Language Arts teacher for Newburgh Free Academy P-TECH was featured as a guest blogger for Education Week. The focus of her piece: Developing Student Mindsets Through Service Learning.

2019-01-14 16:56:33
Scholars Collaborate to Create Technology for All Video for Contest
In a collaborative effort, scholars from Mr. Du Quesnay’s Video Production class and Mrs. Fay Pacht’s Acting class produced, directed, and starred in a video about the technology provided to scholars throughout our district.

2019-01-14 16:24:02
NFA Main Before Broadway Theater Company Presents: The Children’s Hour
The Before Broadway Theater Company presented The Children’s Hour this weekend in the Black Box Theater of Newburgh Free Academy’s main campus. Scholars from the company as well as Construction and Cosmetology contributed to the performance.

2019-01-14 15:06:20
NECSD Recognizes Attendance for Employees
Earlier this year, Human Capital Partners began recognizing employees who have great attendance. Attendance for employees is important because it provides consistency in education for our scholars.

2019-01-14 14:27:24
Scholarship System Now Available for NFA Seniors: Apply Now!
The NFA Scholarship Online System is now available. You can apply for numerous scholarships through one simple online process. In addition, listings for Hudson Valley scholarships are available as well.

2019-01-11 16:05:07
Recent NFA P-TECH Graduate Speaks at National Technology Forum
Suriana Rodriguez, a recent NFA P-TECH (formerly Excelsior Academy) graduate spoke at the annual 2019 CES (Consumer Technology Association) gathering this week.

2019-01-11 14:15:43
NFA Boys Track Team Sees More Victories
The 4X400m relay team of James Onwuka, Kendall Scott, and Ryler Gould qualified for the Millrose Games by finishing in first place on January 9th, 2019.

2019-01-11 14:03:24

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