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My Brother's Keeper Scholars at Vails Gate STEAM Academy Share Their Goals

Principal Kafele, international renowned education speaker and author, spoke with My Brother's Keeper scholars at Vails Gate STEAM Academy recently. Principal Kafele spoke to our scholars about the five ingredients for success: Purpose, Belief in Self, Obligation, Determination, and Vision. A few scholars created and shared goals of their futures. 

The My Brother's Keeper program at Vails Gate is advised by Ms. Dardanella Russell-Scott. MBK throughout our district is coordinated by Ms. Pamela Peterson.

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Vails Gate STEAM Academy MBK Scholars
Vails Gate STEAM Academy MBK Scholars with Principal Kafele and their advisor Ms. Russell-Scott
Dominick Lopez, 4th grade, Vails Gate STEAM Academy, Newburgh Enlarged City School District Something I want to be when I grow up is a professional football player. I aspire to be a wide receiver for the New England Patriots. As a professional football player, I can travel around America playing against other teams. I have always loved football. I want to be a professional football player at 21 years old. If I can’t make it into the NFL I want to be a chef of my own restaurant called Dominick’s Empanadas and Pizza. Principal Baruti Kafele inspired me to be my own boss. He visited our school Vails Gate STEAM Academy and spoke to my group called My Brother’s Keeper. I have always loved cooking. I chose empanadas and pizza because those are my two favorite things to eat. I would find some of my friends and ask them to help me. My mom and I would teach them how to make empanadas and how to make pizza. My plan is to build or buy a spacious corner store. This is what I WILL do when I grow up.
Joshua Kimbrough, 4th grade, Vails Gate STEAM Academy, Newburgh Enlarged City School District My plans are to make stop motion cartoons. If I can work for Disney or Warner Bros, that would be stupendous. I have been drawing for a long time and Warner Bros and Disney are really famous. If I get a chance to get hired and get to design movies or shows for those two companies I would be super happy.

Jamir Jackson, 5th grade - My plan for the future is to make it to the NBA.  If I don't make it there I have a backup  plan and that is acting. I know it sounds crazy, Jamir Jackson, the one I know is an actor? Yes! That would be my backup plan. My plan to get there is to do one year of college basketball and make sure my grades are good so I can make it there. If I don't make it there I want to be an actor. I picked actor and basketball as my dream because I want to become famous so I can stand out to people. First I want to start on a television show, then a movie.  Principal Kafele inspired me to stay confident by the words he taught us. My favorite word that he taught us is focus. He said to stay focused on the right thing and not the wrong thing. To me it meant pay attention to what you’re supposed to and don't get distracted. Staying focused is important to me because for my future you always need to be focused so you can know and understand your directions.  If I was an actor, I would have to be focused when they give me my script. If I were a basketball player, I would have to pay attention to my grades in college and pay attention to the basketball while I'm in game. I feel like My Brother’s Keeper will help me be able to focus a little more on my future.
Syreniti Ammons, 5th grade, Vails Gate STEAM Academy, Newburgh Enlarged City School District My future dream is just basketball. If basketball doesn't work out I want to be a gym teacher. I think a gym teacher would fit me since I like sports so much and I also think I may be one of the best basketball players in my school.   My plans are to be good in school, work hard for what I do, get good grades and pass all of my grades. Also after I graduate high school I want to go to college. I’m in a type of club called MBK that stands for My Brother’s Keeper. It is a really fun thing I like it and so does everyone else too. My Brother’s Keeper teaches me a lot of things. It helps me to know I have a bright future and I am a really great  kid. Sometimes I may have a hard time but that's good because I learn from mistakes. I’m not going to get everything correct. Not even Albert Einstein did that so I'm pretty sure he had to learn things just the way everyone else does. MBK also had speakers. They came from college and from other places just to come to Vails Gate Steam Academy. That is a really good thing. Not to brag or anything I think VGSA is the best school ever! Not to brag again but  I think I'm one of the smartest people in my school especially the 5th grade. I also learned to be resilient and never give up at what you do because if your on the right track and start to give up your going to set yourself up for failure.
Taavon McNair, 3rd grade, Vails Gate STEAM Academy, Newburgh Enlarged City School District I want to be a police officer. I want to be a police officer because I want to put the bad people in jail for breaking the rules. I want to also help the good people stay safe from the bad guys. I want a big house that has two floors, I want one room for myself in the second floor and the living room in the first floor. I want my friends to visit me. I want to be a nice policeman that treats everyone nicely because I learned that in My Brother’s Keeper program we are all brothers and should be respectful to each other. I see my future to be amazing.

Date: 2019-03-14 03:47:25 AM


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