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Mr. N. Angelo Resource Room MEAD nangelo@necsd.net
Mrs. Yuko Babcock 4th Grade Teacher MEAD ybabcock@necsd.net
Mr. william beveridge music MEAD wbeverid@necsd.net
Mr. john blakley Other MEAD jblakley@necsd.net
Mrs. Raquel Bonilla 1st Grade Teacher MEAD rbonilla@necsd.net
Mrs. Angela Boone School Counselor MEAD aboone@necsd.net
Miss Brittany Brooks 3rd Grade Teacher MEAD brittany.brooks@necsd.net
Mr. evgenia brown Special Education MEAD ebrown@necsd.net
Ms. Tess Cadden Science Teacher MEAD Tcadden@necsd.net
Mrs. Mary Camilleri special ed k-1 MEAD mcamille@necsd.net
Ms. Melissa Campbell 1st Grade Teacher MEAD melissa.campbell@necsd.net
Mrs. Jennifer Catalano 3rd Grade Teacher MEAD jcatalan@necsd.net
Mr. shawn coffey 5th Grade Teacher MEAD scoffey@necsd.net
Mrs. dana coffey 4th Grade Teacher MEAD dcoffey@necsd.net
Mrs. Dana Coffey 4th Grade Teacher MEAD dana.coffey@necsd.net
Mrs. Evelyn Colon 3rd Grade Teacher MEAD ecolon@necsd.net
Mrs. Christine Countryman 3rd Grade Teacher MEAD ccountry@necsd.net
Mrs. Amanda Cross 1st Grade Teacher MEAD across@necsd.net
Mrs. ShirleyAnn Culotta Resource Educator MEAD sculotta@necsd.net
Mr. Zachary D'Alfonso 4th Grade Teacher MEAD zachary.dalfonso@necsd.net
Ms. Anne D'Amico 8th Grade Teacher MEAD anne.damico@necsd.net
Dr. Guy Delisfort School Psychologist MEAD gdelisfo@necsd.net
Mrs. Laura DePace Kindergarten Teacher MEAD ldepace@necsd.net
Ms. Stephanie DePoala MEAD sdepoala@necsd.net
Mrs. Danielle DeSarro Physical Education Teacher MEAD ddesarro@necsd.net
Ms. Kayla Di Chiaro Other MEAD kayla.dichiaro@necsd.net
Ms. Elissa Dickinson Physical Education MEAD elissa.dickinson@necsd.net
Mrs. Trisha Dickson 4th Grade Teacher MEAD tdembins@necsd.net
Mrs. Melissa Dillon Other MEAD melissa.dillon@necsd.net
Ms. Samantha Dursley 5th Grade Teacher MEAD samantha.dursley@necsd.net
Ms. Laura Elisofon Science Teacher MEAD LElisofo@necsd.net
Mrs. Jeannine Ellingson speech therapist MEAD jellingson@necsd.net
Mrs. Gabrielle Fay Science Teacher MEAD gfay@necsd.net
Ms. Katherine Ferguson ICT Special Education Teacher 4th and 5th grade MEAD kferguson@necsd.net
Mrs. Victoria Fiorisi English Teacher MEAD vfiorisi@necsd.net
Mrs. Ann Fiske MEAD afiske@necsd.net
Ms. Carlin Flynn Other MEAD carlin.flynn@necsd.net
Mrs. Lorraine Gamma 8th Grade Teacher MEAD lgamma1@necsd.net
Mrs. Kristen Gunsch PE Teacher MEAD kgunsch@necsd.net
Ms. Jody Haight 7th Grade Teacher MEAD jhaight@necsd.net
Mrs. Jennifer Howe 5th Grade Teacher MEAD jennifer.howe@necsd.net
Mrs. Dana Johnson 6th Grade Teacher MEAD djohnson@necsd.net
Mrs. Wendy Keenan Other MEAD wkeenan@necsd.net
Ms. Kelly Kondas Other MEAD kelly.kondas@necsd.net
Ms. Pamela Krizek Instructional Coach MEAD Pkrizek@necsd.net
Mrs. Jenna Lampack Library Media Specialist MEAD jenna.imperato@necsd.net
Miss Jacqueline LaRosa Other MEAD jacqueline.larosa@necsd.net
Mrs. Sheri Leventoff ESL MEAD slevento@necsd.net
Mrs. Laraine LiVolsi 5th Grade Teacher MEAD llivolsi@necsd.net
Mrs. Terry Lucas Principal MEAD tlucas@necsd.net
Mr. Riccardo Lucia 7th Grade Teacher MEAD rlucia@necsd.net
Mr. Michael Malnic Social Studies Teacher MEAD mmalnic@necsd.net
Mrs. Andrea Malpica Special education MEAD amalpica@necsd.net
Mr. Michael Martinez 2nd Grade Teacher MEAD mmartin3@necsd.net
Mr. Paul Matthews AIS Math MEAD pmatthew@necsd.net
Mrs. Laurina Maurice AIS Math MEAD lmaurice@necsd.net
Mr. Frank Mayo Technology Teacher MEAD fmayo@necsd.net
Mrs. Megan McCann 6th Grade Teacher MEAD mmccann@necsd.net
Ms. Jamie McLymore 2nd Grade Teacher MEAD jmacarth@necsd.net
Mrs. Jamie McLymore 2nd Grade Teacher MEAD jmclymore@necsd.net
Mrs. Penny Mennerich Teaching Assistant MEAD pmenneri@necsd.net
Ms. Carla Meyerhoff 7th Grade Teacher MEAD cmeyerho@necsd.net
Mrs. Kimberly Moeller Special Education MEAD kmoelle1@necsd.net
Mrs. Angela Morales Special Education Teacher grades 2,3,4 MEAD angela.morales@necsd.net
Miss Amy Moschitta 4th Grade Teacher MEAD amy.moschitta@necsd.net
Mrs. Claire Murphy Music Teacher MEAD cmurphy@necsd.net
Mrs. Marisol Neugebauer 4th Grade Teacher MEAD mneugeba@necsd.net
Ms. Octavia Nicholas 6th Grade Teacher MEAD onichola@necsd.net
Ms. nancy nieves 4th Grade Teacher MEAD nnieves@necsd.net
Ms. Krystina Noll long term sub MEAD krystina.noll@necsd.net
Mrs. Angela Nonnon Select a Position MEAD angela.nonnon@necsd.net
Ms. Kristina Odell 6th Grade Teacher MEAD kodell@necsd.net
Ms. ZEEBA PAVRI 5th Grade Teacher MEAD zpavri@necsd.net
Ms. Iris Petrillo MEAD iris.petrillo@necsd.net
Ms. Melissa Pileggi Teaching Assistant MEAD mpileggi@necsd.net
Ms. Samantha Post Other MEAD samantha.halstead@necsd.net
Mr. Scott Prokosch Asst. Principal MEAD sprokosc@necsd.net
Mrs. Pia Quiroz MEAD pquiroz@necsd.net
Mrs. Carla Ragusa English Teacher MEAD carla.ragusa@necsd.net
Mrs. Susan Renna MEAD srenna@necsd.net
Mr. matthew restuccia Art Teacher MEAD mrestuc@necsd.net
Mrs. Betty Rivera Speech Therapist MEAD Brivera@necsd.net
Mrs. Carmen Rodriguez-Rivera 3rd Grade Teacher MEAD crodrigu@necsd.net
Mrs. Cristina Rosario 1st Grade Teacher MEAD crosario@necsd.net
Mrs. Laura Russell Asst. Principal MEAD laura.russell@necsd.net
Mrs. Enid Samuels Psychologist MEAD Esamuels@necsd.net
Mrs. Colleen Santo Special Education Teachers Grades 4,5,6 MEAD colleen.santo@necsd.net
Ms. Marie Schor Other MEAD mschor@necsd.net
Mr. John Schroeder ESL Teacher MEAD jschroeder@necsd.net
Mr. Scott Seabury PE Teacher MEAD sseabury@necsd.net
Mrs. Kelly Shackleton Music Teacher MEAD kshackle@necsd.net
Ms. Kristi Short Kindergarten Teacher MEAD kristi.short@necsd.net
Ms. Marie Smith Health Teacher MEAD msmith2@necsd.net
Mrs. Alicia Smith Social Worker MEAD asmith2@necsd.net
Miss Renee Smith Kindergarten Teacher MEAD renee.smith@necsd.net
Mr. Lou Stanley 8th Grade Teacher MEAD lstanley@necsd.net
Mrs. Nancy Stewart Kindergarten Teacher MEAD nstewart@necsd.net
Ms. tancredi Home and Career skills MEAD ntancred@necsd.net
Mrs. Jenna Trapani Teacher MEAD jenna.trapani@necsd.net
Mr. Katie Tudor Special Education ICT 2nd Grade MEAD ktudor@necsd.net
Mrs. dominga valentin-garcia Kindergarten Teacher MEAD dvalenti@necsd.net
Mr. Michelle Verlezza Other MEAD michelle.verlezza@necsd.net
Mrs. marianna vicari 2nd Grade Teacher MEAD mvicari@necsd.net
Ms. Kristen Wagner 2nd Grade Teacher MEAD kwagner@necsd.net
Mrs. Elizabeth Walsh 8th Grade Teacher MEAD elizabeth.walsh@necsd.net
Ms. Susan Warren 8th Grade Teacher MEAD swarren@necsd.net
Dr. Selina Watts-Delisfort Instructional Coach MEAD swattsd@necsd.net
Ms. Rachel Weidkam Art Teacher MEAD rweidkam@necsd.net
Mrs. Elaine Whitaker 3rd Grade Teacher MEAD ewhitak2@necsd.net
Mrs. Maggie Whitaker Special Ed. MEAD mwhitake@necsd.net
Mrs. Melissa Winfield-Corbett Special Education Teacher MEAD mwinfiel@necsd.net
Mrs. Sarah Wojehowski Kindergarten Teacher MEAD swojehow@necsd.net
Mr. Margaret Wolff 5th Grade Teacher MEAD mwolff@necsd.net
Mr. Jon Yettru Technology Teacher MEAD jyettru@necsd.net


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