My Brother's Keeper

“Demography doesn’t determine destiny”


New York State My Brother's Keeper: A Movement Two Years in the Making from NYSED on Vimeo.



City of Newburgh, United Way of Dutchess-Orange Region, Empire State Poverty Reduction Initiative, FACES, Inc., Hudson Valley Seed, Best Resource Center, Inc., Boys and Girls Club of Newburgh, Newburgh Armory Unity Center, Catholic Charities Community Services of Orange and Sullivan.

National MBK Milestones

At the national level, MBK is focused on ensuring that all children:
1. Enter school ready to learn;
2. Read at grade level by third grade;
3. Graduate from high school ready for college and career;
4. Complete postsecondary education or training;
5. Successfully enter the workforce; and
6. Grow up in safe communities and get a second chance if they make a mistake.

New York State MBK Milestones

In addition to supporting the six milestones set at the national level, New York’s MBK initiative is also committed to:
1. Ensuring equitable access to high quality schools and programs;
2. Expanding prevention, early warning, and intervention services;
3. Using differentiated approaches based on need and culture;
4. Responding to structural and institutional racism;
5. Making comprehensive and coordinated support services widely available; and
6. Engaging families and communities in a trusted and respectful way.

Poem: My Brother's Keeper

Am I my brother’s keeper?
Yes I am
I am his voice when he can not speak
I am his strength when he is weak
Am I my brother’s keeper?
Yes I am
I am his provider when he is in need
I am his arms when he can not reach
Am I my brother’s keeper?
Yes I am
I am his justice when he is wronged
I am his friend when he is alone
Am I my brother’s keeper?
Yes I am
I am his courage when he is afraid
I am his comforter when he is dismayed
Am I my brother’s keeper?
Yes I am
I am his hope when he does not believe
I am his truth when he is deceived
Am I my brother’s keeper
Yes I am
I am his guide when he has gone astray
I am his aide if he needs help along the way
Am I my brother’s keeper
The answer is yes
I am him, I am her
I am my brother’s keeper.
My Brother's Keeper
Newburgh Enlarged City School District
Copyright 2018