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The Newburgh Enlarged City School District serves approximately 12,000 students from four neighboring municipalities: the City of Newburgh, the Town of Newburgh, New Windsor, and a small portion of Cornwall. In the district, we inspire our students to be tomorrow’s leaders beyond Academy Field. Many of our students, faculty, staff and departments have distinctions that set us apart from other districts in the Hudson Valley and beyond. Points of Pride will focus on these achievements and distinctions.

June 2016 Focus: Vails Gate STEAM Academy

Did You Know?
  • Vails Gate teachers have participated in ongoing professional development through Worcester Polytechnic Institute. Teachers are learning how to integrate next level science standards in to the classroom and how to transform into a STEAM academy.
  • The school is in a training partnership with Magnet Schools of America to support the transition to STEAM through a rebranding initiative.
  • Teachers collaborated in grade level teams to plan for the current ELA Modules and Domains to align STEAM project-based lessons and projects into the curriculum.
  • The school hosted a STEAM Family Night with over 100 families in attendance Grade levels created projects that were on display. The event was a partnership with the local Rite Aid who donated supplies for the event.
  • Vails Gate students and staff hosted two STEAM Community Events to offer the community a glance at what STEAM is all about.
  • STEAM Super Science Day was held during the 2015-2016 school year and offered teachers an opportunity to design science lessons and have students rotate from classroom to classroom. Students were able to try a variety of STEAM aligned projects and work together in a collaborative environment.
Vails Gate STEAM Academy students

  • In addition, the school hosted Mighty Math Day with a format similar to Super Science Day, but utilizing STEAM mathematics.
  • Since the start of the STEAM Transition, initiative data shows an increase in attendance for Fridays within the school.
  • Librarian Cathy Gilligan worked in conjunction with Cornell Cooperative Extension to improve the courtyard garden at the school. The garden now offers an outdoor space for students. Students also planted the “three sisters” in conjunction with a lesson about Native American culture. According to Iroquois legend, corn, beans, and squash are three inseparable sisters who only grow and thrive together.
  • In partnership with a local Barnes and Noble, Vails Gate STEAM Academy created a “Maker Space” at the school utilizing a 3-D printer. Students brainstorm ideas using STEAM curriculum then bring it to fruition using the 3-D printer.
  • Teachers went to a STEAM school in Connecticut for professional development through Engineering is Elementary developed through the Museum of Science in Boston, Massachusetts.
Vails Gate Steam Acadeymy Teachers working with Students

  • Representatives from Vails Gate attended the Magnet Schools of America conference in Florida.
  • Vails Gate students built a pipe-o-phone and performed at a Board of Education Meeting. The pipe-o-phone was then given to Superintendent of Schools Dr. Roberto Padilla and is now on display at the Board of Education.
  • The school hosted monthly assemblies for students who earned 15 or more Reading Counts points. Reading Counts offers students online literacy problems and quizzes to earn points. Since November, students in grades 2-5 have accumulated approximately 18,000 points.
  • Staff and faculty at the Vails Gate STEAM Academy are currently in the process of planning a Grand Opening celebration for the STEAM Academy in September 2016. The school is currently in the planning year and developing what will be implemented in the fall.
  • Vails Gate saw SRI growth from beginning of year (BOY) to middle of year (MOY) of 276 points in Grade 2, 42 points in Grade 3, and 68 points in Grade 4.
  • From the 14-15 school year to the 15-16 school year in the middle of the year, DIBELS increase in core, students in Kindergarten increased 16%, 2nd increased by 11%, 3rd increased by 1%, 4th increased by 24%, and 5th increased by 15%.
  • Reading Counts number of points growth from BOY- 1,014 points to MOY-7,825 points and end of year (EOY) 18,200 points.

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