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The Newburgh Enlarged City School District serves approximately 12,000 students from four neighboring municipalities: the City of Newburgh, the Town of Newburgh, New Windsor, and a small portion of Cornwall. In the district, we inspire our students to be tomorrow’s leaders beyond Academy Field. Many of our students, faculty, staff and departments have distinctions that set us apart from other districts in the Hudson Valley and beyond. Points of Pride will focus on these achievements and distinctions.

May 2016 Focus: Career and Technical Education

Did You Know?
  • Beginning in September 2016, Newburgh Free Academy will be offering Barbering to students as a new pathway in the Career and Technical Education Program. In conjunction with the Cosmetology program, students that enter these programs must complete the hours required to sit for the state licensing exam. In both programs the students will master the art of cutting hair, hair coloring, and chemical texture techniques. The New York State Board requirements for Barbering and Cosmetology are practiced and mastered in both programs. Graduating students from these classes will have the knowledge and skills needed to pass the state boards. Integrated into the course curriculums is the mandatory hands-on application of skills and theory in both Barbering and Cosmetology so that students can meet the state hours of practice before taking the state exams. The programs will help prepare students for preparation for college and career opportunities within the field of aesthetics.

  • The NFA Automotive Technology and Automotive Body Repair Pathway is currently obtaining the National Automotive Training and Education Foundation (NATEF) certification, an arm of the Automotive Service of Excellence (ASE). Students will have the opportunity to obtain their basic ASE certification. The training and certification are essential to obtaining employment as an automotive technician.

  • The Newburgh Free Academy Main Campus has a classroom designed like an industrial cooking facility for students in the Culinary Arts and Restaurant Management Pathway. Students will receive safety and sanitation instruction and learn to the proper use and maintenance of equipment to prepare them for the hospitality and restaurant management industry.

Students in CTE Program

  • The Criminal Justice & Security and Law Pathway has a DUI Simulator for students to test their driving when under the influence. The mobile simulator allows students to have a hands on experience and see first-hand the implications of driving under the influence.
  • The NFA Main Campus Welding Technology Pathway is designed to provide students with the ability to work hands-on with and learn the skill of arc welding, plasma arc cutting, oxyacetylene, MIG welding and TIG welding, along with an opportunity to obtain their basic certification. This program will prepare the students for numerous professional welding technology careers, immediate employment, or further education.
  • The Construction, Architecture and Engineering Pathway take place in a new stand-alone, state-of-the-art facility which houses specialized laboratories for computer-aided design, mechanical drafting, technical drawing, and model building and construction technology. These Pathways are geared for college preparation, career opportunities, internships, mentoring, industry certification, and post-secondary apprenticeship opportunities.
Photos inside the CTE Classrooms

  • The Newburgh Free Academy North Campus has a designated program for the Fitness and Foundations Pathway. This Pathway will provide students with a foundational background, on anatomy, physiology, coaching, recreation management and nutrition. Students will be college prepared, and students will have the option to leave with the American Council on Exercise (ASE) of Personal Trainer Certification.
  • The Health Science Career Education Pathway offers students the opportunity to obtain certification in American Heart Association BLS Heart Saver CPR and First Aid, NYS Nurse Aide Certification, NYS Home Health Aide Certification, NYS Medical Assisting Certification, and the student enrolled within the LPN Pathway will be eligible to sit for the NCLEX-PN. The success rate in NYS Nurse Aide Certification has been 100% with the students that need employment all offered jobs in our community.

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