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The Newburgh Enlarged City School District serves approximately 12,000 students from four neighboring municipalities: the City of Newburgh, the Town of Newburgh, New Windsor, and a small portion of Cornwall. In the district, we inspire our students to be tomorrow’s leaders beyond Academy Field. Many of our students, faculty, staff and departments have distinctions that set us apart from other districts in the Hudson Valley and beyond. Points of Pride will focus on these achievements and distinctions.

December 2016 Focus: Food Services Department

Did You Know?

  • This school year, all school buildings in NECSD are participating in the Community Eligibility Provision (CEP) provided under the Healthy Hunger Free Kids Act. This provision allows for all students to receive free breakfast and lunch without submitting free and reduced applications each year. Since moving to district wide CEP, student participation in both the breakfast and lunch programs has increased. As of November, 65% of students are participating in the breakfast program up from 35% in previous years and 71% of students are participating in the lunch program daily an increase from 66%.
  • Since new nutrition standards were implemented in the lunch program in 2014 our school lunch heroes have been making more menu items from scratch. We make macaroni and cheese, vegetarian chili, baked ziti, and beef meatballs from scratch. Approximately 8,000 meatballs are handmade in district kitchens each month.
  • Additional breakfast vending machines were added at NFA. These machines enable students to grab breakfast before school and during passing periods ensuring that more students have the nutrition they need to succeed and get to class on time.
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<li>The Food Services Department employs 180 women and men across the district. These
  • In total, 1.25 million lunch meals and 1.2 million breakfast meals were served last year.
  • Fruit and veggie bars are offered in each school and students can take and enjoy as much as they want! Everyday students may select from three different types of fresh fruit, canned fruit, carrot sticks, tossed salad, and the vegetable of the day.
  • Full salad bars are offered in Vails Gate, South, Heritage, and NFA. In addition to our regular menu options, students in these schools can make their own entree salads for lunch.
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    • NFA has multiple stations for students to choose from at lunch. Students may choose from a hot lunch station, a pizza station, a salsa station and the very popular deli station. If you are visiting one of our high schools, be sure to stop by the cafeteria for a honey mustard chicken wrap- the favorite lunch of our NFA students. Lunch heroes at NFA have served up to 1,250 wraps in a day!
    • The Food Services Department has been working with students at NFA on selecting new recipes and products for breakfast. Currently, the department is working on introducing fresh baked whole grain muffins and breads to the breakfast menus in hopes of increasing breakfast consumption. Department staff prepared and sampled 11 different recipes. They then met with the NFA Student Advisory Council to get feedback on the new recipes and concept. The NECSD dietetic intern also provided samples to students in the cafeterias. The response was very positive. The Food Services Department hopes to introduce these items this spring.
    • During the summer of 2016, the Food Services Department expanded the summer feeding program to reach more children. The summer feeding program provides access to free healthy meals during the summer when school meals are not available. The department served meals at the Newburgh Recreation Center Pool, the Newburgh Free Library, The Salvation Army, Center for Hope, the Boys and Girls Club, several churches, and in all of the extended school year sites. This year, a mobile feeding site was added that stopped at three locations for 30 minutes each. Instead of children having to get to a meal site, the goal was to provide sites closest to where children live and play in the summer. In total, 18,204 breakfast meals and 36,853 lunch meals, were serviced. This is an increase from 2015 of 25% for breakfast and 44% for lunch.
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    • NECSD will be featured as a model district in the 2017 New York State School Breakfast Report Card for increasing access to breakfast for students. This report is published yearly by Hunger Solutions New York and serves as a tool to help other districts in New York to introduce alternative breakfast models.
    • Follow the Food Services Department: @NBNYSchoolMeals (Instagram and Twitter) and Newburgh School Meals (Facebook).
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