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The Newburgh Enlarged City School District serves approximately 12,000 students from four neighboring municipalities: the City of Newburgh, the Town of Newburgh, New Windsor, and a small portion of Cornwall. In the district, we inspire our students to be tomorrow’s leaders beyond Academy Field. Many of our students, faculty, staff and departments have distinctions that set us apart from other districts in the Hudson Valley and beyond. Points of Pride will focus on these achievements and distinctions.

October 2016 Focus: Family and Community Engagement


Did You Know?

  • During the month of August, FACE hosts School is Cool in conjunction with the Boys and Girls Club of Newburgh. The district provided over 400 backpacks with school supplies to students.
  • FACE participated in several community events this year including National Night Out, Day for Kids, the TEAM Newburgh Book Giveway and the Newburgh Volunteer Fair.
  • At South Middle School, FACE worked with school leaders to secure a $2,500 grant from Lowe’s Home Improvement (Lowe’s Hero Grant) to transform the SMS Courtyard into a Learning Garden. The Learning Garden will be utilized by staff and students for math, science, ELA and social students. Additionally, planting beds will be used to develop an herb garden and herbs will be used in the cafeteria of the school. In addition to monetary benefit, Lowe’s is providing manpower for the October 22, 2016 transformation event. Students, families and community members will also be recruited for the event.
  • At GAMS, FACE facilitated a partnership between Christ Lutheran Church/Pastor Ernst Mossl and the school. The church will provide school supplies for the creation of a supply closet that will be used to support student throughout the school year.
  • At Newburgh Free Academy, FACE facilitated a partnership between Temple Beth Jacob and the NFA campuses to supply hygiene closets at the schools. The Temple will also be supplying school supplies whenever possible. This project is being co-facilitated with Director of Nursing, Judy LeRoy, who will have the school nurses receiving and distributing the hygiene supplies.
  • Anthony Grice, teaching a course

  • In addition, FACE works with schools to maintain compliance with NYSED requirements and supports schools in the provision of school information regarding the use of Title I funds which support student achievement and family involvement and engagement efforts at the schools.
  • FACE engages families regarding district and school programs and services including the Universal PreK Program, Parent University, School Is Cool, Registration, and Transportation.
  • Parent University offers families an exciting day of learning and engaging activities through speakers and interactive workshops to support families in all they do to ensure the success of their child. The annual events are held in the Spring and Fall. In addition, smaller workshops are held throughout the year to support Parent University.
  • During the summer months, FACE partnered with the Newburgh Mall to host “Literacy Happens” an interactive workshop series for parents and students exploring fun ways to support literacy through reading, writing, listening and speaking activities.
  • Family workshop photo

  • FACE continued and sustained contact with families outside of the school setting. By networking with community-based and faith-based organizations to develop partnerships and identify services and programs the district is able to close service gaps.
  • FACE is a member of TEAM Newburgh, a consortium of Hudson Valley and Newburgh-based non-profits and community organizations. Team Newburgh aims to listen to the needs of the Newburgh community and through local resources assist residents in meeting their needs in the areas of health, education, wellness and community resoure
  • As part of the mission of FACE, the department maintains compliance with Title I/Family Involvement & Education funds to maintain good standing with NYSED regarding required “actions” identified by NYSED as strategies to facilitate family involvement and engagement. FACE maintains funding streams for schools for family involvement & engagement activities to support the academic achievement and healthy development of youth.

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