845.563.3400 - Main Switchboard845.563.3424 - Food Services
845.563.5437 - Registration845.563.3503 - BOE Clerk
845.568.6833 - Transportation845.563.3440 - Payroll
845.563.5419 - Athletics845.563.3448 - Business & Finance
845.563.3460 - Human Resources845.568.6542 - Technology
845.563.3490 - Tax Office 
District Mailing Address: 124 Grand Street, Newburgh, NY 12550


     The Newburgh Enlarged City School District offers families the choice of schools throughout the district. Many of our elementary schools offer specialized programs according to their themes. Some schools provide unique programs and services based on a variety of student characteristics. Our secondary schools are organized into smaller schools-within-a-school, called houses or academies. All of our schools subscribe to the mission, vision, and core values and beliefs of the District, and share a common curriculum and common assessments in all the content areas.

Balmville Elementary School

5144 Rte. 9W, Newburgh, NY 12550
Grades: Kindergarten - Fifth Grade
Main #: (845) 563-8550
Health #: (845) 563-8555

Joan Goudy-Crosson, Principal
Daniel Dottin, Assistant Principal

Parent/Teacher Group
Lana Schultz

Student Arrival: 9:15AM      Student Dismissal: 4:00PM(Bus)   3:40PM(Walker)
School Highlights: Universal Pre-Kindergarten; Black Rock Forest-Outdoor Education Program; Community Vegetable Garden; Fitness Club; Student-Run TV Studio; Balmville Student Council

Fostertown ETC Magnet School

364 Fostertown Road, Newburgh, NY 12550
Grades: Kindergarten - Fifth Grade
Main #: (845) 568-6425
Health #: (845) 568-6431

Maritza Ramos, Principal
Regla Isabella Santiago, Asst. Principal

Parent/Teacher Group
Christina Piscitella

Student Arrival: 9:15AM      Student Dismissal: 4:00PM(Bus)   3:50PM(Walker)

School Highlights: Creative and Performing Arts & Dual Language

Gardnertown Fundamental Magnet School

6 Plattekill Turnpike, Newburgh, NY 12550
Grades: Kindergarten - Fifth Grade
Main #: (845) 568-6400
Health #: (845) 568-6411

Lillian Torres, Principal
Beverly Johnson, Assistant Principal

Parent/Teacher Group
Melanie Evans / Staci Segali

School Highlights: Fundamental Program

GAMS Tech Magnet School

300 Gidney Avenue, Newburgh, NY 12550
Grades: Kindergarten - Seventh Grade
Main #: (845) 563-8450
Health #: (845) 563-8468

Tara Marshall, Principal
Ebony Clark, Assistant Principal
Dennis Camt, Assistant Principal

Parent/Teacher Group
Anita Spencer-Smith

School Highlights: Science and Technology Program; Post Office; School Store

Horizons-on-the-Hudson Magnet School

137 Montgomery Street, Newburgh, NY 12550
Grades: Kindergarten - Fifth Grade
Main #: (845) 563-3725
Health #: (845) 563-3733

Lisa Buon, Principal
Karriem Bunce, Assistant Principal

Parent/Teacher Group
Beth Shelinsky

School Highlights: International Baccalaureate School offering the Primary Years Program; Unlimited Horizons Gifted and Talented Program;Universal Pre-Kindergarten; National Elementary Honor Society;Foreign Language classes grades K-5; Student-Run TV Studio;Video Teleconferencing with NASA and the Smithsonian.

Meadow Hill Global Explorations Magnet School

124 Meadow Hill Road, Newburgh, NY 12550
Grades: Kindergarten - Eighth Grade
Main #: (845) 568-6600
Health #: (845) 568-6636

Lynnette Brunger, Principal
Scott Prokosch, Assistant Principal
Marcie Heywood, Assistant Principal

Parent/Teacher Group
Terry Mott

School Highlights: All students will be global, enterprising, moral, and successful citizens.

New Windsor School

175 Quassaick Avenue, New Windsor, NY 12553
Grades: Kindergarten - Fifth Grade
Main #: (845) 563-3700
Health #: (845) 563-3710

Terry Lucas, Principal
Dr. Ralph Maloy, Assistant Principal

Parent/Teacher Group
Pam Wilbur

School Highlights: Humanities Through Literature

Pre-K Center

191 Washington Street, Newburgh, NY 12550
Grades: Pre-K
Main #: (845) 568-6730
Health #: (845) 568-6733

Melinda Lamarche, Principal

Temple Hill Academy

525 Union Avenue, New Windsor, NY 12553
Grades: Kindergarten - Eighth Grade
Main #: (845) 568-6450
Health #: (845) 568-6479

Ventura Lopez, Principal
Michael Ragusa, Asst. Principal
Ellen Helgans, Asst. Principal
Ciria Briscoe-Perez, Asst. Principal

Parent/Teacher Group
Allie Jusino

School Highlights: Preparing Our Students to Be College and Career Ready

Vails Gate High Tech Magnet School

400 Old Forge Hill Road, New Windsor, NY 12553
Grades: Kindergarten - Fifth Grade
Main #: (845) 563-7900
Health #: (845) 563-7907

Ebony Green, Principal
Dwayne D’Avilar, Assistant Principal

Parent/Teacher Group
Susan Manning

School Highlights: Technology Program with Science/Math Emphasis

Heritage Middle School

405 Union Avenue, New Windsor, NY 12553
Grades: Sixth - Eighth Grade
Main #: (845) 563-3750
Health #: (845) 563-3760

Dr. Pedro Roman Principal
Laura Russell, Assistant Principal
Dr. Larry Woods, Assistant Principal

Parent/Teacher Group

School Highlights: Creative Media and Communications House, Law and Forensics House The Green Team

South Middle School

33-63 Monument Street, Newburgh, NY 12550
Grades: Sixth - Eighth Grade
Main #: (845) 563-7000
Health #: (845) 563-7022

Jessica Layne, Principal
Donald Armand, Assistant Principal
David Berryann, Assistant Principal

Parent/Teacher Group
Lisa Sickler

School Highlights: Community and Government House, Engineering/Technology House, Fine and Performing Arts House

Newburgh Free Academy Main Campus

201 Fullerton Avenue, Newburgh, NY 12553
Grades: Ninth Grade - Twelfth Grade
Main #: (845) 563-5400
Health #: (845) 563-5471

Raul Rodriguez, Co-PrincipalRobert Shust, Asst. Principal
Timothy H. Bohlke, Asst. PrincipalSusan Valentino, Asst. Principal
Margaret Chesser, Asst. PrincipalJeffrey Woody, Asst. Principal
Roberto Cruz, Asst. Principal 

Parent/Teacher Group
Raul Rodriguez

School Highlights: Liberal Arts & Applied Science House, Humanities House, Academy House

Newburgh Free Academy North Campus

301 Robinson Avenue, Newburgh, NY 12550
Grades: Ninth Grade - Twelfth Grade
Main #: (845) 563-8400
Health #: (845) 563-8416

Matteo Doddo, Co-Principal
Dr. Clarence Cooper, Assistant Principal
Rachel Schuyler, Assistant Principal

Parent/Teacher Group
Dr. Clarence Cooper

School Highlights: Forensics, Security & Law, Health & Human Services, Real World Science & Technology