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The 2016-17 NECSD School Tax bill will be mailed on or before September 6, 2016.

General Information

  • Only one bill will be mailed. If a duplicate is needed, please call the tax office.
  • Failure to receive a bill does not in any way affect the due date of the tax or penalty prescribed by law. (RPT 922)
  • If you no longer own this property, please call the tax office.
  • If you have an escrow account, forward the bill to your mortgage company.
  • We cannot accept partial payments of installments.

2016-2017 Tax Rates

City of Newburgh: $28.235108
Town of Newburgh: $78.431556
New Windsor: $151.232459
Cornwall: $38.403930

Payment Options

Payment in full with no penalty or installment fee, on or before Oct. 6, 2016.

Installment payments (without penalty):
   1st Installment due date 10/06/16
   2nd Installment due date 12/06/16
   3rd Installment due date: 03/06/17
(If the installment option is chosen, a $1.00 installment fee will automatically be added to the 1st installment)

Late Payments

A 1% penalty is assessed on the first day after the due date and on the first day of each month thereafter.

1st Installment PenaltiesOct. 7-31Add 1% of the 1st installment
Nov. 1-30Add 2% of the 1st installment
Dec. 1-31Add 3% of the 1st installment
Jan. 1-31Add 4% of the 1st installment
Feb. 1-29Add 5% of the 1st installment
Mar. 1-31Add 6% of the 1st installment
2nd Installment PenaltiesDec. 7-31Add 1% of the 2nd installment
Jan. 1-31Add 2% of the 2nd installment
Feb. 1-29Add 3% of the 2nd installment
Mar. 1-31Add 4% of the 2nd installment
3rd Installment PenaltiesMar. 7-31Add 1% of the 3rd installment


We are legally bound by United States Postal postmarks or postmarks of accredited ground services (e.g. UPS, FedEx). Pitney Bowes (or any similar metering system) is NOT a legal postmark. If a payment arrives with a postmark that is not legal or without a postmark, it is considered paid on the day that it arrives in the tax office. (RPT 925)

Payments after March 31, 2017

After March 31, 2017 unpaid School Taxes will be handed over to the City of Newburgh Collector's Office (845 569 7330) for parcels located in the City of Newburgh or to the Commissioner of Finance (845 291-2480) for parcels outside of the City limits.


(Most veterans are now eligible for school tax exemptions)
You may be eligible for partial tax exemptions. For details please contact the Assessor's Office in your municipality.
City of Newburgh: (845) 569 7333
Town of Newburgh: (845) 564 4550
New Windsor: (845) 563 4632
Cornwall: (845) 534 7290

Further Tax Information

Click here for further tax information.


124 Grand Street
Newburgh Free Library Building, Lobby
Newburgh New York 12550


Monday-Friday, 10:00AM-3:00PM
(Please note: The Tax Office follows the same schedule as Newburgh Schools regarding delays and closings)


Cynthia Pinter


Telephone: (845) 563 3490
FAX: (845) 563 3496