Cecilia Dansereau-Rumley, Assistant Superintendent for Student Intervention and Support Services

Office Location: 20 Chestnut Street, Newburgh, NY 12550
Main Office Phone: 845-563-8520, Fax: 845-563-8529

     The NECSD is dedicated to the goal of improving educational outcomes for students with disabilities and their families. Students with disabilities are identified through a referral and evaluation process as defi ned through the Part 200 Regulations of New York State.

     Once identified, students are eligible to receive supports and services designed to provide access to the general education curriculum. As required by law, supports and services must be provided in the least restrictive environment possible in which a student can realize educational benefit.

     In the event you suspect your child may be struggling academically, please contact the principal of the school your child attends and request a meeting to discuss possible interventions. Once interventions are provided and progress is appropriately monitored, a referral to the Committee on Special Education may be completed.

     If you have any concerns about a preschooler with a disability, feel free to call 563-8526. If you have a concern about a school aged child with a disability, please call 563-8520.

Forms, Documents, Links

Information on Testing Services (SAT, ACT) for Students with Disabilities (SSD)

Consent Form for Request for Accommodations (SAT)

Consent Form for Request for Accommodations (ACT)

Procedural Safeguard Notice

   Translations of the Mandatory Revised Procedural Safeguards Notice (Spanish, Russian, Haitian Creole, and Chinese)

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Special Education Dept Supervisors
Janety Encarnacion, PreK-2
Phone: 563-8522

Patti Davis, Grades 3-5
Phone: 563-8535

Ann Narcisse, Grades 6-8
Phone: 563-8530

Claudetter Gerald, Grades 9-12
Phone: 563-8537

CPSE/CSE Chairpersons

CSE Chairpersons

Liliana Schuyler, Grades PreK
Phone: 563-8527

Beverly Robins, Grades K-2
Phone: 568-6661

Dr. Patricia Rola DeCaterina, Grades 3-5
Phone: 563-8513

Sheryl Papageorgantis, Grades 6-8
Phone: 563-8546

Barbara Bourne, Grades 9-12
Phone: 563-8521

Kelly Kane
NYS Alternate Assessment Specialist

Phone: 563-8542

Marilyn Henry
CSE Nurse Practitioner

Phone: 563-5474

Tara Marshall
RtI/Distrit 504 Coordinator

Phone: 563-8511

Other Areas

Model Transition Services Department

     Transition Services refers to a coordinated set of activities for a student with a disability, designed within an outcome oriented process, which promotes movement from school to post-school activities.