School Start/End Times 2011-2012
     The Newburgh Enlarged City School District has announced revised start and end times at all school buildings for the upcoming 2011-2012 school year. Start and end times for schools have been altered and shifted into the already established 3 tiered design in an effort to more effectively and cost efficiently schedule bus routes. A recent audit by the New York State Comptrollerís office indicated that the district must find ways to reduce the cost of transportation. At the Board of Education public workshop on March 21, 2011, it was decided to shift the starting times. This amounted to a reduction of 15 buses and a savings estimated at $900,000. Please see below for each school and the respective start and end time.

Student Start Times by School and Tier
School Year 2011-2012

Tier 1 (7:15-2:00)Tier 2 (8:15-3:00) (NFA to end at 3:05)Tier 3 (9:15 - 4:00)
Heritage Middle School
South Middle School
Meadow Hill 6-8
Temple Hill 6-8

Pre-K AM 7:15-10:05
Pre-K PM 11:10-2:00
NFA Main      (Late buses at 4:30)
NFA North      (Late buses at 4:30)
Meadow Hill K-5
Temple Hill K-5
Vails Gate
New Windsor

Pre-K AM 9:15-12:05
Pre-K PM 1:10-4:00