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Parent University Family and Youth Summit 2016 Registration

Location: NFA North Campus (Pending Approval)

Parent University is an exciting day of learning and engaging activities to support families in all they do to ensure the success of their child! Parent University will take place on Saturday, October 15. It will begin at 8AM with Breakfast and Check-in. The keynote address will be at 9AM. If you have any trouble using the below form, please contact Pam Peterson at 845-563-3458.

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Registration Instructions
1. Fill out the general information section for parent/guardians
2. Register youth for youth workshops (Ages 12 and up. Include names/ages for each student registered, if youth will be attending different workshops, please submit a separate form for each workshop)
3. Register for parent workshops by selecting a 10AM session and a 11AM session, (unless otherwise specified)
4. Fill out Kidz Academy registration for any children ages 6-11 who will be attending Kidz Academy

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(These workshops are for children ages 12 and up. Please register your child for a 10AM session and an 11AM session. Limit of 25 registration per session.)
Music On My Mind
Most of us can’t go a day without listening to music. We also tend to be very passionate about the genre of music we like and the musicians we enjoy. In this workshop we will look at how music impacts us. We will also look at the connection between music and feelings and explore how music can be used to change our moods.
Jennifer Ostrow, School Based Mental Health Specialist, Orange County Department of Mental Health – Limit 25 persons per session.
More Than Sad…
This video and discussion program teaches teens to recognize the signs of depression in themselves and others, challenges the stigma surrounding depression, and demystifies the treatment process.
Rosangela Alicia and Gwen Gormley, School Based Mental Health Specialists, Orange County Department of Mental Health
Healthy vs. Abusive Relationships
Learn how to make good choices when choosing a partner and to identify the signs of abusive relationships.
MacKenzie Bachar, Youth Educator, Safe Homes of Orange County
Media Literacy
This workshop will assist youth participants on how to us their critical thinking skills when it comes to consuming the media in all forms. Workshop is interactive and contains print ads, commercials and videos pertaining to alcohol, tobacco and e-cigarette advertising. The workshop also touches on social media and educates participants on the dangers of a heavy social media presence, and how their presence may negatively affect their ability to obtain employment and college acceptance.
Lauren Savino, Prevention Specialist, Alcohol and Drug Abuse Council


(These workshops are for parents. Please register for a 10AM session and an 11AM session, unless otherwise specified. Limit of 25 per session, except espanol session, limit of 60.)
Preventing Your Child from Going Kaboom!
An explanation of the nature of a crisis. How to break down crisis behaviors. How to make a plan to address the behaviors and maximize what is already working. Spells out what everyone in the family should do and when. When to call in professional help.
Becky Johnson, Family Partner, from VoicesUnited4Change and Kristen Moses-Westphal, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Orange County Department of Mental Health
Literacy Happens…
An interactive workshop exploring fun ways to support literacy (reading, writing, listening and speaking) in the home and on the go. Great for parents of Pre-K through 2nd grade!
Dr. Linda Hatfield, NECSD Director of Elementary Education
This Is How I Learn…
Are you musical, visual or logical or a little of all? Discover your learning style and recognize your child’s learning style to maximize learning. Parents will walk away with resources to identify learning styles and how to support learning styles. Based on the work of Dr. Howard Gardner, Professor of Education, Harvard University.
Diane Hills, Director of Newburgh Children’s Center (Ph.D. candidate)
More Than Sad
This video and discussion program teaches adults how to recognize signs of depression and other mental health problems, initiate a conversation about mental health with a child or youth that may be showing signs of depression, and will provide information about getting help.
Julie Biagiotti and Pamela Lesmana, School Based Mental Health Specialists Orange County Department of Mental Health
They say “a goal without a plan is just a wish!”
This workshop will help you learn how to make a plan for your life, what questions to ask yourself, and the importance of setting goals. It will also look at how nutrition plays a part in your overall health.
Mandy Stewart and Meg Oakes, Maternal and Infant Community Health Collaborative, Orange County Department of Health
(2 Hour Session, do not select a 11AM Session if you select this 10AM session)
Turning Students on to School!
This workshop will help parents, caregivers and adults working with youth to identify how their own experiences and values can be used to successfully engage youth and support school attendance.
Chris Williams, The Leadership Program, NYC (Ph.D. candidate, Harvard University)
Current Trends in Synthetic Drugs
Presentation will focus on the surge in use of synthetic drugs such as marijuana, molly, and bath salts, among others. Also focuses on vaping and the rapidly emerging vape culture.
James Conklin, Prevention Specialist - Alcohol and Drug Abuse Council
What Guidance Can Do For You
What is the role of the guidance counselor and how can counselors help your child be successful in school? This question will be answered, and other information will be shared in this workshop for parents. This will be an informational session with opportunities to ask questions.
Ann Hall, Director of Pupil Personnel Services, Newburgh Enlarged City School District
(This session will last approx. 3 hours, do not select another session)
Éxito en la Escuela
Puede ser muy difícil y frustrante como padres de un hijo(a) que tiene dificultades emocionales y de comportamiento ayudarlo a que tenga éxito en la escuela. En este taller hablaremos de algunas pequeñas cosas que pueden hacer la gran deferencia para su éxito en la escuela. En particular hablaremos de los obstáculos que se nos presentan cuando no podemos comunicarnos en nuestro idioma.
Cuerpo, Mente, Espíritu
En este taller hablaremos de cómo encontrar el balance en nuestras vidas ocupadas para mantener a nuestra familia saludable.
Nota Final
Encuesta y Comentarios
Expo para Familias
Vendedores de la comunidad que proporcionan información sobre los programas y servicios para niños, jóvenes y familias.
Irene Martínez, Family Partner, Access: Supports for Living, Inc.

(space is limited)
A fun and interactive learning experience for students ages 6 to 11 whose parents are attending Parent University. Kids Academy will include a presentation and age-appropriate action stations from Mad Science and program/academic staff of The Afterschool Program (TAP), Boys and Girls Club of Newburgh will provide mini-workshops and group discussions to support the social emotional learning of children and youth (making good choices, managing your emotions, bullying prevention tips and tools).
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Contact Information while attending Parent University
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I hereby acknowledge that by registering for this conference, that my child(ren) and I may be photographed or videotaped, and I give my permission to do so.

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