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Books - N - Breakfast 2016

   Books-n-Breakfast is an educational and social event that promotes parental awareness regarding your childís education. We warmly invite our students and their families to enjoy engaging workshops (workshop descriptions below) followed by a buffet-style, gourmet breakfast prepared by certified chefs and served in our school cafeteria.

   Participants will receive information to support your childís education, including reading, math and study strategies. Free books will be given to our students. In addition, various community organizations will join us to celebrate this event.

   We look forward to sharing this time with you and your family. This event is free of charge. If you would like to make a donation, our Parent-Teacher Group will be available to accommodate you. In addition, South Middle School gear will be on sale. By joining in this effort, we share a vision of creating an atmosphere of academic excellence to inspire our students to reach their highest level of achievement.

   This event will take place on Saturday, October 29, 2016 between the hours of 8 and 11 A.M. in the South Middle School 6th grade wing and cafeteria. Walk-ins are now welcome.

   A special thanks to Big Brothers Big Sisters, the Boys and Girls Club of Newburgh, the Bronxville Field Club, Cornerstone Family Healthcare, Maternal Infant Services Network, Orange County Department of Mental Health, Perfect Sweets, Seven Sons and the South Middle School staff, and countless others who have made this event possible.

Workshop Descriptions
Literacy Framework - Explore the NECSD Literacy Framework that guides your child's literacy education

Emotional Literacy - Mind Monsters Feelings Poetry - This interactive workshop will teach kids and parents how to identify different emotions, how to ask for help when they are having a hard time, and different things they can do to feel better.

Coping in Middle School - Come learn strategies to get the most out of middle school

Learning Styles - Come determine your learning styles and how it can help you in class, work, and life

Math is Everywhere - Even on Planes - Come learn how to bridge what children relate to in their reading and how to combine it with math.

Literacy Cubes: Strategies for Reading - Come learn cool strategies that will help you with reading

Internet Safety - Come learn how take ownership to protect your privacy and respect other's privacy, and consider how what you share online can impact you and others. Also, explore the roles people play and how individual actions can impact their friends and broader community.

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words: From Image to Detailed Narrative - Learn the characteristics of narratives (e.g., sequence, storytelling), and explore connections between images and words.

Eat a Rainbow - Come learn about fruits and vegetables and how they help the body

SESSIONS BEGIN AT 8:15AM, 8:50AM, and 9:25AM