Newburgh’s Horizons on the Hudson Holds First IB Exhibition

     At the end of the 2011-2012 school year, the Newburgh Enlarged City School District’s Horizons on the Hudson Magnet School finished its first year as an authorized International Baccalaureate World School with an IB Exhibition: a student lead, inquiry based performance project that culminates the fifth graders’ experience with the IB Primary Years Program.

     Students are given one of the six IB Transdisciplinary Themes to work under, asked to come up with a topic of interest, then are expected to incorporate all of the essential elements of the IB-PYP program into a group research project and presentation.

     This year the students, guided by mentors, chose to work under the theme “Sharing the Planet”, and finished their four month inquiry by presenting research findings and action plans on 13 different topics. Some of the researched presentation topics included: how animal abuse affects a community; the effects of smoking; how litter and recycling, water pollutants, or deforestation impact an environment and the life cycle; and how things like gangs, politics, bullying and access to equal education can influence the lives of children. Students demonstrated how these issues have global ramifications and presented ideas on how to get involved and raise awareness.

     The IB Exhibition was first shared with the third and fourth graders in the afternoon and with friends and families in the evening, making the event one of most well attended events of the year.

     According to Horizons on the Hudson Principal Lisa Buon, the IB Exhibition is a yearly event in an IB-PYP school and the bar of expectation has been set high for the future fifth graders at Horizons.

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