Temple Hill Academy Students Create Mural in Conjunction with Fuel Up to Play 60

Fuel Up to Paint 30 Fuels Healthy Body and Mind

     Recently, students from Temple Hill Academy created a mural to coincide with the schoolís new track and field as part of Fuel Up to Paint 30. The outdoor mural was designed under the direction of Temple Hill Art Teacher Liza Mills and developed in conjunction with Temple Hillís partnership with the Fuel Up to Play 60 initiative.

     According to Mills, students were given the opportunity to submit shoe designs and then selections were narrowed down before coming up with the large mural layout. In addition to creating the designs, the emphasis on fitness and a healthy mind and body was demonstrated through the artwork.

     As part of the initiative, each participating class was broken into two teams, the teams rotated from painting to walking the track as part of the overall fitness plan for a healthy mind and health body.

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From left to right, Temple Hill Academy Art Teacher Liza Mills, Temple Hill students and THA School Nurse Teacher Maura Koennecke stand in front of the newly designed mural.

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