Balmville Students Explore Science During Educational Partnership with Fostertown ETC Science Club

     Students at Balmville Communications and Media Center in Newburgh recently explored science and nature through a cooperative partnership with neighboring Fostertown ETC Magnet School. Fostertown ETC Science Club Teacher Advisor John Garzione and nearly forty students traveled to Balmville School to share their love of science recently. Students focused on their favorite topics such as the weather, nature, animals, and animal tracks.

     According to Garzione, the Fostertown ETC Science Club has been in existence for approximately twenty-three years. Each year, the club works throughout the year at Fostertown to develop programs in school to build a foundation of leadership and responsibility through science. Students work under the guidance of Garzione and are trained in teaching lessons to their fellow schoolmates. In addition, the Fostertown Science Club holds a giant Earth Day Celebration annually for the entire student body.

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