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Teacher Appreciation 2015-2016


Recently, the district asked students to let us know which teacher has had an impact on them and why. Over 450 entries were received. Below are ten teachers who were selected based on their number of entries. We have included one of the entries for each teacher. Although only ten teachers are shown below, teachers throughout the district have a daily impact on their students and we acknowledge all teachers for the work they do everyday.

Mr. Aulogia - Heritage Middle School

"I want to recognize Mr. Aulogia. He always brings humor into his lessons and makes the process of learning music very fun. He is very knowledgeable and he cares a lot about his students. He encourages us to try our best when playing our instruments but also knows when we have reached our limits. Mr. Aulogia makes sure everyone feels comfortable in class and with the music we play. He does his best to make students feel good when they made a mistake or played the wrong note.That is what makes him a great music teacher and human being."

Ms. Campbell- Defoe - Balmville Elementary School

"My favorite teacher is Ms.CD/Campbell Defoe because she is a very nice, positive, and a great teacher and she does very nice activities which are really fun and help you reach you potential in learning. One of the most fun activities is she take you out to her garden right outside the Balmville school and teaches you how plants grow, we also pick them so we can make a delicious salad. "

Mr. Carbone – South Middle School

"Ms. Carbone has always been a mentor to me. As long as I could remember, she's always pushed me to do my best in school and in life. She is also the reason I have a passion for science."

Mr. Castiglione - Newburgh Free Academy

"What makes Mr. Castiglione so special to me is his loving personality and passion to see an incredible future for students. He is such a compassionate teacher and makes my heart bloom each and every day to see him reach out to his students so profoundly. Especially with myself. The reason why he should be recognized during teacher appreciation week is because every teacher is different, but in my eyes no teacher stands out like him. He deserves to be remembered for his skill in companionship."

Mr. Freedman - Newburgh Free Academy

"Mr. Freedman is an exceptional human being. His passion for teaching and sharp wit makes for a unique learning experience..Under his guidance I have grown tremendously as a writer, but what I appreciate the most is how he has made me open myself up to the world. Despite my endless struggles, he always encourages me to carry on and pursue the things that will bring me happiness. His patience is unparalleled, and his kindness breathtaking. Ultimately, no amount of words can fully express my gratitude and appreciation."

Mr. Garzione - Fostertown School

"Mr. Garzione is a great teacher and does a lot for the teachers and students at foster town school. He is a hard working person and deserves a lot of thanks. Not only that but he helps the community in many ways. I would not be who I am today without Mr. Garzione."

Mr. Harvey - Newburgh Free Academy

"My teacher Mr. Harvey is not only a kind and considerate person he is a teacher and Councilman I proudly would call "The Best." Ever since I met him during the summer of 2015 he has been a major contributor to not only my education but my confidence. Every time I doubt myself he gives off a good vibe that gives me the strength to be me. I really appreciate him being there for his students and he always has a way of showing his greatness. He is what I call a "role model", because he is a person who is involved in his community and wants to make a change for our city and his students. This is why my teacher Mr. Harvey should be recognized."

Mr. Olsen - Temple Hill Academy

"Mr. Olsen is a great teacher because he really cares about us. Another thing that makes him really cool is he inspires us to become who we want to be. He is not just a teacher to me he is like a second dad. If I am feeling sad he will try the hardest he can to make me or other people happy. He is a good gift that God has given me this year. Finally he is a great teacher because he doesn’t move on from something until we get it. This is why he should be recognized. "

Ms. Spencer-Smith - GAMS Tech Magnet School

"My favorite teacher is Ms. Spencer- Smith. I like her because she is a smart and bright woman. She teaches her students what is right and what is wrong. She is preparing all her students for the next grade and making sure their ready. I have fun learning lessons with her because she makes everything she teaches fun. If Ms. Spencer- Smith was not my teacher I would not be learning the great things I am learning now. Ms. Spencer- Smith is an excellent teacher because she teaches other students that school is important for them and that we should stay in school and also never give up."

Mr. Waliszewski - Newburgh Free Academy

"This teacher is such a great teacher. He opens the classroom up for questions, he stays after when someone needs help, he even goes through the lessons more than one way if students are still having trouble. This class is never boring, and you rarely hear about Regents which takes the stress off your chest. When the Regents come I know for a fact myself, and many of the students will be ready for it thanks to Mr. Waliszewski."