Temple Hill Academy Students Visit the Big Apple

     In an effort to incorporate Temple Hill Academyís philosophy of academics intertwined with cultural experiences, National Junior Honor Society members were recently given the opportunity to explore New York City and the Empire State Building.

     The National Junior Honor Society members experienced learning outside the classroom, as they observed the history, culture, and career opportunities that are available in New York City. The students also had the privilege of walking through the Empire State Buildingís newly unveiled, permanent exhibit that captures the landmarks astonishing history, engineering and construction.

     According to their teachers, this was a valuable learning since the eighth graders will be working on an English Language Arts research paper exploring different types of careers they would like to pursue in the future. Visiting this iconic landmark gave the students an opportunity to appreciate and explore the different jobs, and extraordinary commitment, needed in order to build the Empire State Building.

     Students were also able to connect and discuss what they learned about the Great Depression in Social Studies during their trip to the Empire State Building. Prior to their trip, the National Junior Honor Society members also took part in the essay writing event celebrating Martin Luther King Jr.ís birthday. Students wrote essays about how they applied Dr. Kingís ideas of nonviolence in their daily lives. These essays were displayed in Albany during the month of January.


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