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MHS: Students Collect Supplies for Animal Shelter

     Three months ago, the sixth graders at Meadow Hill School were saddened by all the fighting and problems in the world. They didn't believe they could do anything to make the world a better place. So in their ELA class, they wrote essays on what they could do to make a difference. The students published those essays in books and those books were delivered to Meadow Hill School from the publishing company

     Then to actually make a difference the sixth graders set up a collection drive for the local animal shelter. Last week, the supplies donated by friends, students, and community members were delivered to the shelter. One of the parents and a student contacted Superintendent Dr Padilla and he joined the students and the teacher at the shelter to support their efforts. It was a great day!

     Ms. Pavri would like to thank everyone who donated all the supplies! She would like to especially thank Dr. Padilla for taking the time out of his busy schedule and coming to the shelter. A special thank you also goes out to her colleague Marc Schroeder for compiling all her pictures into the video below!