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HOH Students Present Letters to Michael Franti on Air

   Fifth grade students in Mala Hoffman’s class were invited to attend a radio broadcast featuring musician Michael Franti recently, during which they presented letters they had written to him. The students, who are in the Unlimited Horizons program at Horizons on the Hudson Magnet School in the Newburgh Enlarged City School District, had written Franti the letters after listening to his song, “Same As It Ever Was,” as part of their study of human rights.

   Hoffman asked Jimmy Buff, WDST Radio Program Director, which was sponsoring the concert, if he could deliver the letters to Franti on the class’s behalf. Instead, the students were invited to do the presentation themselves as part of the station’s “Live at Five” broadcast prior to the concert. The students also had an oppor-tunity to sing the chorus of Franti’s newest song “Good to be Alive Today” with him on the air, and to ask him questions and take pictures following the broadcast.

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