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Jared Campbell Visits GAMS On Spirit Week’s Super Hero Day

   Jared Campbell is an award winning singer/songwriter from upstate New York and has been traveling the country performing for thousands of people and hundreds of schools over the past decade. Jared Campbell's presentation is unlike any other assembly! He reaches his audience through the power of music with songs he's written about some of the most crucial elements to living out your life with purpose. His message focuses on overcoming obstacles, anti-bullying, respect, leadership and having an amazing outlook on life. Gidney Avenue School was fortunate enough to enjoy Jared on their Spirit Week Super Hero Day. Teachers all wore capes that they made(they are superheroes every day!) and students wore tags telling who their real life super hero is". The presentation was uplifting and a great time was had by everyone. Special thanks to Patricia Lofaro, our school guidance counselor for arranging this assembly. See here for information on Jared Campbell.

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