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South Middle School Hosts Books-n-Breakfast 2016

   South Middle School students and their families recently attended Books-n-Breakfast 2016, an educational and social event designed to promote parental awareness regarding their child’s education. Students and their fam-ilies were offered a free gourmet buffet-style breakfast served in the South Middle School cafeteria. Parents were given the opportunity to receive educational materials, meet with teachers and learn strategies to support their child’s education. In addition, various community organizations were present with literature and resources for stu-dents and parents.

   Supporters of the event include: Big Brothers Big Sisters, the Boys and Girls Club of Newburgh, the Bronxville Field Club, Cornerstone Family Healthcare, Maternal Infant Services Network, Orange County De-partment of Mental Health, Perfect Sweets, Seven Sons, South Middle School staff, and parental volunteers.

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