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Newburgh Schools Participate in Alliance to Reclaim Our Schools Day of Action

   On Thursday, October 6, 2016, the Newburgh Enlarged City School District joined with hundreds of schools across the United States to hold a Day of Action in conjunction with the Alliance to Reclaim Our Schools. Across the country and in Newburgh, equity warriors led peaceful demonstrations to demand fairness and equality in the public schools system.

   AROS-coordinated walk-ins on February 17th of this year drew participation in 33 cities. A second round on May 4th saw walk-ins in 70 cities. The October walk-ins were anticipated to be held in over 200 cities.

   The NECSD held a peaceful rally at the Tyrone Crabb Park adjacent to Horizons on the Hudson School and then marched to the school prior to the first bell. District leaders, Board of Education members, the Newburgh Teachers’ Association, NECSD CSEA members, parents, students, community members and local dignitaries attended the event to let their voices be heard.

This Story was also covered by Hudson Valley News Network

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